Don't you dare come between waffles and me!

I finally spent an hour sorting through a stack of 1940's Better Homes and Gardens magazines. I scanned a few of my favorites -- what do you think? I was under the impression that a lot of styles in this magazine weren't popular until the 50's

(March 1948 Cover)

Cute country design, this looks so eclectic, hard to believe this is from the 40's.

This room design is fantastic, it's my favorite I think -- maybe it's just the chairs.

Just picked up some similar yellow chairs but I've given up on finding that table. The color scheme here is great too.

Cute Jack and Jill bathroom!! Also check out the wallpaper-- how ridiculous!


Monday's are my favorite

Here are 7 little treasures I picked up today during my Monday adventure:

1. picked up 20 vintage wooden hangers for $1
including one hanger stolen from a New York City hotel

2. I gave a home to a lot of unwanted retro fabric

3. found a free Smith Corona Corsair portable typewriter in aqua

4. loved reading the deranged poetry found in said typewriter
written by a middle schooler in the 1960's named Chrissy according to the title page

5. found a pair of deadstock blue leather booties from France
(actually I got a lot of deadstock boots which will be making an appearance on my Etsy soon)

6. bought a set of eight Jeannette black and yellow graphic "Beverage Tumblers"
..finally piecing together a kitchen set that actually matches my dining set

7. elephant apron
a patchwork elephant playing with a butterfly always makes me smile