Printmaking Monday

Took my first printmaking class since high school this semester. Here is my first linocut project. I used the brand "Easy-to-cut" linoleum, which actually lived up to its name -- I cut myself quite frequently while working on this. Definitely would recommend this over anything I've used before, especially for other beginners.

Below is my first piece 8 by 10 (I scanned a test print so the ink tone is not too great but you get an idea of the design). Came out okay. I was a little disheartened when I remembered the old man didn't have a fishing pole in the book which is sort of key to the plot but... oh well, my rendition. I don't really like the wood grain on the boat and I would change other things if I redid this.

Below is my pen and ink drawing I made this weekend to transfer to a copper plate for my first attempt at etching.
I was channeling Beatrix Potter. I etched into the plate today. It doesn't look quite right so we'll see how it compares to my original sketch. If I can get this to work I'd love to do a bunny series -- the plate I'm etching into is only 3 by 4.