Tuesday Thrift Finds

I went on a thrift store pencil skirt binge this week. Bought this wool skirt for $2 w/tags still attached. Do I look cold? I was, this outfit needs tights! I'm thinking of ordering some from welovecolors. I really want a pair of cranberry leggings.


vintage wool skirt
urban outfitters belt
forever 21 shirt
embroidered cashmere 1950's cardigan
leather Aldo boots

I refinished a wooden card catalogue box too. I almost passed this up for $4! I was trying to withhold from buying things I can't think of an immediate use for. It was really scratched up and sort of ugly so I ended up taking it home and I tried the walnut scratch remover method. Rub a walnut over wood scratches -- it's amazing and kind of fun to watch scratches disappear instantly. I haven't thought of anything to store in there yet but I think it makes a nice pedestal for my cacti in the window (the only plant I can keep alive). There are pencil marks on it with measurements so I think it was handmade--maybe it was made to hold tape cassettes?


ALSO just posted this coat in the shop. Found this little beauty in perfect condition. Taupe grey wool with fur collar and cuffs. Love the belt, circa late 50's, early 60's, Zinman Furs. $124