Constellations and Peonies

Below are some Peonies I cut from the garden. I think the blooms are bigger than ever this year.

Flea market finds of the day:

 (Framed illustrated map of Cape Cod, circa 1950)

 (Wooden 1950's Photo Album)

(National Geographic Zodiac Map and Constellation Chart, circa 1970)

 There's something lovely about how delicate old documents and papers are. It amazes me that something so frail can survive so many decades. It also saddens me to see so many family photo albums at the auctions and flea markets I go to. I think about the all the history and stories that accompany each of those photos that have been lost and forgotten over the years. Often vendors sell old photos in large piles, some with names and dates written on the back, occasionally a caption. For someone who enjoys collage this is a amazing resource, but it's difficult to alter these images without feeling a sense of guilt. Sometimes I wonder, what if this is the last remaining photograph of this person? It leaves me with a sense of curiosity and reverence for these fragile artifacts.