Cowhides, Cookies and Cutout Lace Heels

I finally got the cowhide rug I've been pining over for Valentine's Day -- animal pelts aren't really synonymous with romance but that's okay, I love it. We didn't go crazy for valentine's day this year, we made vegetarian tacos (yes, cruel irony--the bf is a vegetarian), margaritas, and apple cinnamon enchiladas for dessert-- cozy and simple.


A Few Sweet Finds for the Week:


1. Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters, $20, Williams-Sonoma.com
Customizable cookie messages! I love that little scalloped rectangle.

2. Ross Menuez Fauna Cutout Pillows, $40, Areaware.com
I am a sucker for Boston Terriers.
{ DIY: make your own printed pillow using freezer paper, cotton fabric and an inkjet printer For step by step instructions click here. This is going to be my next project I think! }


3. Personal Library Kit, $20, Fredflare.com
So...maybe reserve the due dates and late warnings for close friends, there is still something irresistible about a lined index card and a date stamp.

4. "Scharer" Peep-Toe Lace Heels, $80, aldoshoes.com
I can see myself in these shoes, I can also picture myself tripping into oncoming traffic in a 5" heel. I do love the lace and peep toe though.