Beach Bum Berry Review


The cold start to April has been bumming me out so I finally ordered three spring/summer books from Amazon that I've been eyeing all winter. Salads, drinks and more drinks. A sampling from the Simply Salads index: prosciutto wrapped melon slices, thai beef strip marinade with peanut dressing, wild mushroom saute, lobster salad with grapefruit vinaigrette... I'm picturing watching the sunset from my patio on a balmy summer night, finishing off a pitcher of sangria. SIGH. 2 more months of rainy, cool weather to go.

Sippin' Safari book description courtesy of Amazon:

"The new book by the Author of The Grog Log, Intoxica and Taboo Table. Beach Bum Berry as he is better known is America's leading authority on tropical drinks and Polynesian pop-culture. In this all new book, Berry not only offers up tantalizing new drink recipes, but tells stories about some of the most famous figures of their time. The Bum applies the same dogged research to the untold stories of the people behind the drinks. Stories culled from over 100 interviews with those who actually created the mid-century Tiki scene -- people as colorful as the drinks they invented, or served, or simply drank. People like... Leon Lontoc, the Don The Beachcomber's waiter who served Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando by night, and acted in their movies by day..."

Berry discloses once secret recipes from some of the most popular Tiki bartenders of the bygone era. Here's my Tiki-inspired Etsy Treasury (link here) to go with the read...which I recommend for anyone with a soft spot for faux Polynesian kitsch and a sense of humor. The stories are as enjoyable as I hope the drinks will be.

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